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A hatespeech model used to classify text as normal, offensive, hatespeech in Movie subtitles. The model is initially a pre-trained transformer model(bert-based-uncased) which is further trained on Twitter comments which can be normal, offensive and hate to learn the context from social media data. It is then fine-tuned using the movie subtitles dataset.

Please check our paper and if used please cite

  title={How Hateful are Movies? A Study and Prediction on Movie Subtitles},
  author={von Boguszewski, Niklas and Moin, Sana and Bhowmick, Anirban and Yimam, Seid Muhie and Biemann, Chris},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.10724},

The dataset and models are available on https://github.com/uhh-lt/hatespeech

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