Chinese Pegasus

Model description

This model is pre-trained by UER-py.

How to use

You can use this model directly with a pipeline for text2text generation :

>>> from transformers import BertTokenizer, PegasusForConditionalGeneration, Text2TextGenerationPipeline
>>> tokenizer = BertTokenizer.from_pretrained("uer/pegasus-base-chinese-cluecorpussmall")
>>> model = PegasusForConditionalGeneration.from_pretrained("uer/pegasus-base-chinese-cluecorpussmall")
>>> text2text_generator = Text2TextGenerationPipeline(model, tokenizer)  
>>> text2text_generator("内容丰富、版式设计考究、图片华丽、印制精美。[MASK]纸箱内还放了充气袋用于保护。", max_length=50, do_sample=False)
    [{'generated_text': '书 的 质 量 很 好 。'}]

Training data

CLUECorpusSmall is used as training data.

Training procedure

The model is pre-trained by UER-py on Tencent Cloud. We pre-train 1,000,000 steps with a sequence length of 512.

python3 --corpus_path corpora/cluecorpussmall.txt \
                      --vocab_path models/google_zh_vocab.txt \
                      --dataset_path \
                      --processes_num 32 --seq_length 512 \
                      --target gsg --sentence_selection_strategy random
python3 --dataset_path \
                    --vocab_path models/google_zh_vocab.txt \
                    --config_path models/pegasus/base_config.json \
                    --output_model_path models/cluecorpussmall_pegasus_base_seq512_model.bin \
                    --world_size 8 --gpu_ranks 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 \
                    --total_steps 1000000 --save_checkpoint_steps 100000 --report_steps 50000 \
                    --learning_rate 1e-4 --batch_size 8 \
                    --embedding word_sinusoidalpos --remove_embedding_layernorm --tgt_embedding word_sinusoidalpos \
                    --encoder transformer --mask fully_visible --layernorm_positioning pre --decoder transformer \
                    --target gsg --tie_weights --has_lmtarget_bias

Finally, we convert the pre-trained model into Huggingface's format:

python3 scripts/ --input_model_path cluecorpussmall_pegasus_base_seq512_model.bin-250000 \                                                                
                                                           --output_model_path pytorch_model.bin \                                                                                            
                                                           --layers_num 12

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