Do GPT-JT-6B-v1 model has the ability of follow up questions like CHATGPT

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ChatGPT : The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions

It is aware what we had asked earlier and how to use that undertanding in present question , So such activity is supported by GPT-JT-6B-v1.
Please Guide

This isn't the prettiest way of doing it per-se, but a lot of chatbots are made by effectively tacking on the previous prompt / response into your next generation.
Input: Hey, how are you today?
Response: Very well thank you, what about you?
Input: I am great.
Response: What are you going to do?
Input: Most likely read a couple of book and relax.
Response: Fantastic!

Here, each ### is the end token, and they just truncate the chat history when it gets too big for the model.
This example was taken from the following article, which also explains more in-depth how they built a chatbot using GPT:

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