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Part of a series of timm fine-tune experiments on iNaturalist 2021 competition data (https://github.com/visipedia/inat_comp/tree/master/2021) for higher capacity models.

Covering 10,000 species, this dataset and these models are fun to explore via the classification widget with pictures from your backyard, but quite a bit smaller than models you can find on iNaturalist website (https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/75633-a-new-computer-vision-model-v2-1-including-1-770-new-taxa).

No extra meta-data was used for training these models (as was the case for the competition), it was a straightfoward fine-tune to explore differences in model pretrain data.

Fine-tune hparams

./distributed_train.sh 4 --data-dir /tfds/ --dataset tfds/i_naturalist2021 --amp -j 8 --model vit_large_patch14_clip_224.datacompxl --img-size 336 --model-kwargs img_size=336  --val-split val --opt adamw --opt-eps 1e-6 --weight-decay .01 --lr 5e-5 -
-warmup-lr 0 --sched-on-updates --clip-grad 1.0 --pretrained -b 48 --num-classes 10000 --grad-accum-steps 8 --layer-decay 0.85 --reprob 0.3 --drop-path 0.1

Run Validation

python validate.py /tfds/ --dataset tfds/i_naturalist2021 --model hf-hub:timm/vit_large_patch14_clip_336.datacompxl_ft_augreg_inat21 --split val --amp


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