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Lag-Llama: Towards Foundation Models for Probabilistic Time Series Forecasting


Lag-Llama is the first open-source foundation model for time series forecasting!

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This HuggingFace model houses the pretrained checkpoint of Lag-Llama.

  • Coming Next: Fine-tuning scripts with examples on real-world datasets and best practices in using Lag-Llama!🚀


  • 17-Feb-2024: We have released a new updated Colab Demo for zero-shot forecasting that shows how one can load time series of different formats.
  • 7-Feb-2024: We released Lag-Llama, with open-source model checkpoints and a Colab Demo for zero-shot forecasting.

Current Features:

💫 Zero-shot forecasting on a dataset of any frequency for any prediction length, using the Colab Demo.

Coming Soon:

⭐ An online gradio demo where you can upload time series and get zero-shot predictions and perform finetuning.

⭐ Features for finetuning the foundation model

⭐ Features for pretraining Lag-Llama on your own large-scale data

⭐ Scripts to reproduce all results in the paper.

Stay Tuned!🦙

Citing this work

Please use the following Bibtex entry to cite Lag-Llama.

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