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by bspence08 - opened

Hi, congrats on the model! We noticed the Llama 2 Community License is not included in the Model Details section. Per the terms of the agreement, companies who build with Llama 2 need to present the 1) Community License 2) Acceptable Use Policy and 3) Responsible Use Guide when publishing. Please make the change to include these with respect to the base model (Llama 2).

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Stability AI org

We added the files to the models and we're double-checking with our Legal if there's any extra steps that are still required. Thank you for your understanding!

Stability AI org

See: https://huggingface.co/stabilityai/StableBeluga2/tree/main/LLAMA%202%20LICENSE
There are currently duplicates of some of these files - we'll likely delete them soon.

Thank you! Really appreciate the quick resolution.

Doesn't the llama 2 license apply to all derivative work as well? As I read the license you can't have your own license on this model?

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