English pipeline optimized for CPU. Components: tok2vec, tagger, parser, senter, ner, attribute_ruler, lemmatizer.

Feature Description
Name en_core_web_md
Version 3.1.0
spaCy >=3.1.0,<3.2.0
Default Pipeline tok2vec, tagger, parser, attribute_ruler, lemmatizer, ner
Components tok2vec, tagger, parser, senter, attribute_ruler, lemmatizer, ner
Vectors 684830 keys, 20000 unique vectors (300 dimensions)
Sources OntoNotes 5 (Ralph Weischedel, Martha Palmer, Mitchell Marcus, Eduard Hovy, Sameer Pradhan, Lance Ramshaw, Nianwen Xue, Ann Taylor, Jeff Kaufman, Michelle Franchini, Mohammed El-Bachouti, Robert Belvin, Ann Houston)
ClearNLP Constituent-to-Dependency Conversion (Emory University)
WordNet 3.0 (Princeton University)
GloVe Common Crawl (Jeffrey Pennington, Richard Socher, and Christopher D. Manning)
License MIT
Author Explosion


Type Score
TAG_ACC 97.28
DEP_UAS 91.87
DEP_LAS 90.05
ENTS_P 85.37
ENTS_R 84.57
ENTS_F 84.97
SENTS_P 90.49
SENTS_R 88.01
SENTS_F 89.24
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