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Hugging Face makes it really easy to share your spaCy pipelines with the community!
With a single command, you can upload any pipeline package, with a pretty model card and all required metadata auto-generated for you. The inference API currently supports NER out-of-the-box and you can try out your pipeline interactively in your browser. You'll also get a live URL for your package that you can pip install from anywhere for a smooth path from prototype all the way to production!

spaCy website
    python -m spacy huggingface-hub push [whl_path] [--org] [--msg] [--local-repo] [--verbose]
Upload packages on the hub
Find all spaCy models in the Hub

To upload your spaCy pipelines to the Hub, you can use the spacy-huggingface-hub library.

    pip install spacy-huggingface-hub
    huggingface-cli login
    python -m spacy package ./en_ner_fashion ./output --build wheel
    cd ./output/en_ner_fashion-0.0.0/dist
    python -m spacy huggingface-hub push en_ner_fashion-0.0.0-py3-none-any.whl

More information: spaCy 3.1 release post


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