Apply for community grant: Personal project

by sophiamyang - opened

I'd like to build Panel apps in Hugging Face Spaces. Panel is a Python dashboarding tool that allows us to build a dashboard or an app with just a few lines of code. Thank you for your consideration!

The idea of Panel apps on Spaces is great, and we'd be happy to see more of them here. But I'm afraid for our grant program this Panel InstructPix2Pix Space may not be the most suitable, as we already have a InstructPix2Pix demo with a GPU grant granted and we don't usually grant two Spaces with the same model.

Hi @multimodalart , thanks so much for your comment. I was wondering what you think if we can have a grant-supported Space for Panel that's not just one app. But a combination of Panel apps? Like this space, but with more GPU models? Thanks so much for your consideration!

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