Same word for everybody on the same day?

by multimodalart HF staff - opened
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Wordalle is a lot of fun!

But I was wondering if it would make sense to incorporate the social element of Wordle and variants, where every visitor is presented with the same word for 24h

Maybe can be fun if everyone was guessing the same prompt for a day too!

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edited Jun 20, 2022

Maybe the first time you play it's the same image for everybody on the same day, and then if people want to keep playing it starts randomizing?

So it adds the social aspects but keeps the replay value

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edited Jun 21, 2022

I agree that it would be cool, maybe we could do it at some point in an update? this was more a proof of concept to see if people were interested in playing this.

This is SUCH a creative and cool concept!! Love it. It could also be cool to have a version where you can create the prompt and send it to friends as a challenge.

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@sergicastella - this is excellent it could maybe create a custom URL that you can share - where people will try to find the prompt in a text input?

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I love the ideas here! as @victor mentioned, this was a quick proof of concept. But adding to @sergicastella it would be cool to integrate dalle-mini with this game, so you generated the prompt there and chose to push it to wordalle :) the only limitation is the prompt length. Our tests have shown we can fit about 20 characters on a mobile screen, otherwise we haven't thought yet about how to address long prompts.

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