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Share everything about assistants here.

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Just created my first Assistant ! HuggingAssist
try it here : https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bd0adc08560e58be454d86
Looking forward to the RAG/Web feature 🔥

An assistant I've made for fun a long ago for ChatGPT. It reviews web service privacy and anonimity based on a template I made.
It was pretty reliable with ChatGPT and it seems to work fine here as well, so here it is:

This one helps us with our p5.js works.


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@axplast played with your assistant, it's nice!

I created an assistant for people wanting to learn new vocabulary.
Just write a word and get everything you will need to learn it fully.

I created a new assistant called Model Picker, which helps people decide which model (available on Hugging Face) they should use for their project. Feedback welcome! https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bd5d48be7c99c85fecff4f

code review expert
easily review your code and get suggestions on making it better

Just create Geopolitics assistance here: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bdc1804a88d66a2dbedeea

At least one of the models did not like my Emoji Magic Assistant: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bdee83e24474fa93cc45ba

Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 12.01.34 AM.png

Was fun to test out the different models A few models didn't wait to receive user instructions and went straight to the end making things up as they went along. There was a bug trying to add more than 3 user start messages. It showed a 4th box but I couldn't add any copy.

Here are two other assistants that I made:

Daily Meditations: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bdd6b8bde5c33207c8c093

Manifest Your Dream Life: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bdc621de28589dc780217a

My first assistant : If your dream was to be an archaeologist 😁

You always need a bit of philosophy in this world 😁

Need help in the cruel world of business? Meet my new assistant: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65be0e5bbe7c99c85fed11b9

ChatWithSatoshi - Exploring Bitcoin and blockchain with insights from Satoshi Nakamoto.


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Schmidhubot - https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bd6dd126339c1bdee57afd

It's like chatting with Schmidhuber

Please meet Theophrastus: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bd014c3236b7fcad598983 - Linguistics - specialises in ecolinguistics and sustainable narratives.

and Yoda: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bd048208560e58be454bcd - Wisdom is all you need - Insights from Zen Buddhism, Tao Te Ching, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Ouspenski and Carlos Castaneda.

Loads of questions now...
With this trend in chat assistants, I'm curious about the directions this might take in the short and long term.
Specifically, would we see a system where a master chat assistant orchestrates a network of expert assistants to address the prompts?
Would this master assistant determine the best response by selecting the most suitable expert? or by aggregating opinions from the experts?
Do you think this could lead to a global network of expert assistants that will enhance their collective intelligence?
What are your thoughts?

Meet BanterBot, an assistant that likes to take the piss out of everything in a very British way: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bea1aea8901d6b4bf9d2f8

Btw: is there a way we can browse all assistants?

Hello Huggingface! I am excited to introduce my assistant, designed to help individuals efficiently map their information.
This tool will enable users to organize and structure their data in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.
XMind: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65be3f1586c17889eb021bbb

Check my assistant on helping you to create Product Hunt product descriptions


Made one to detect anomalies (such as logical fallacies) in input text: https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bf60cf9f74fd484b352faf

Would be great to be able to browse all assistants :-)

Corporate culture chatbot: https://huggingface.co/chat/settings/assistants/65bf61b78f057384842921aa

It helps you to express your message in corporate lingo.
For example:

Hugging Chat org

Would be great to be able to browse all assistants :-)

This is coming early next week!

my assistants so far

penne tester

Made a @huggingface HuggingChat assistant to help penne test by writing POCs and testing penne: Meet Penne Tester a hacker hf chat assistant https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bee444cf81c30b367f2dd7

Use it with leakix or nmap or any input data



Made a "just code it" HuggingChat assistant called HermeticCoder

For those with questions about literature

A thread without an anchor, shameful.
Shilling Opera-kun https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bfbff405f5cfb0608a8768
Pretty much my only assistant-like card, so I ported him to see how he performs on high-end local. Seems decent, he talks about 00s soft as he's supposed to, and should provide some casual help with apps installing or configuring, as long as the data is in the model.
opera-kun demo.png

One more, also simply to test whether this works.
Proof of concept CYOA https://hf.co/chat/assistant/65bfcd9fe1af44a8aefe4c80
Backrooms CYOA PoC.png
Instead of user start messages I would definitely prefer a proper Greeting, and Post History Instructions are a must in this day and age.

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Nice proof of concept @jiriro7912 , normally you don't need [INST] token in you system prompt (it's set already in the backend).

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Made a simple image generator with the same technique as @jiriro7912