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πŸ€— SDXL Flash

✨️ Introducing the new fast model SDXL Flash (Mini), we learned that all fast XL models work fast, but the quality decreases, and we also made a fast model, but it is not as fast as LCM, Turbo, Lightning and Hyper, but the quality is higher. Below you will see the study with steps and cfg.

πŸš€ Features of mini model:
It weighs less, consumes less video memory and other resources, and the quality has not dropped much.

πŸ‘‘ Our faster than regular model is better in quality than the coolest modern models such as JuggernautXL X, FluentlyXL v4 and others.

SDXL Flash: sd-community/sdxl-flash
SDXL Flash Mini: sd-community/sdxl-flash-mini