Apply for community grant: Academic project #1

by hohonu-vicml - opened

Hi Huggingface,

We appreciate all your works on the Gradio, Space, and Diffusers. We have a recent publication called ``Directed Diffusion'' (Project link) that recently made our code public, with the Gradio Web UI integrated. We ask for any possibility to get the GPU grant from your end to have better user experience.

We don't train/finetune the model (CompVis/stable-diffusion-v1-4), and our algorithm is applied only on the inference time. The model is set to half precision. Any suggestions or comments are appreciate. Thank you.


Hi @hohonu-vicml, we have assigned a gpu to this space. Note that GPU Grants are provided temporarily and might be removed after some time if the usage is very low.

To learn more about GPUs in Spaces, please check out

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