“Best mode max flavors”? #9

by zolax - opened

Can anyone speak to what best mode max flavors does? What numbers have you found to give good results?

The more the better! This limits how many of the "favor" text phrases get chained together. It was exposed for performance reasons since the ViT-H model is quite heavy weight. The CLIP Interrogator library has been optimized a bunch now so you should be able to crank it up again and still get back something in reasonable amount of time (10-50 seconds say). Try 32 for example. It will automatically stop chaining when it produces a prompt too long for the text encoder or it isn't able to improve the alignment between image and prompt.

Wow thanks Pharma! I absolutely love CLIP Interrogator and really appreciate all the work you put in! This program has shown me so so many underrated and lesser known about artists who I would have never heard about otherwise.

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