Clicked on LOAD MODEL then asked a question - NOTHING

by AlScot - opened

Not sure what's happening when it loading model but it succeeded after about 1 minute just.

The question box appeared -- I asked something the response was an empty answer box :(


Could you see if there are any errors in the console? Also, which browser and OS are you using?

No error messages appear on in Chrome - Windows 11

It does display
1.29tokens/second every few seconds that changes
A minute later its 1.39tokens/second
then 1.38tokens/second
10 secs later its 1.35 tokens/second
then 1.34tokens/second and back to 1.35tokens/second then 1.33
About 7 mins later its "Generated 513 tokens in 382.79 seconds (1.34tokens/second)" which seems to be the end of changes.
I ask another Q and still nothing but empty answer box.
And ever changing -- ( starting with) "1.30 tokens/second" again
But this time it only takes about 3 minutes to end with "Generated 513 tokens in 175.92 seconds (2.92tokens/second)"
Then I ask a 3rd Q -- same thing that ends with Generated 513 tokens in 127.52 seconds (4.02tokens/second)

AlScot changed discussion status to closed
AlScot changed discussion status to open

I hit RESET -- The screen clears -- READY appears
I ask a 1st question same thing -- ending this time with "Generated 513 tokens in 78.33 seconds (6.55tokens/second)"

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