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Contributed by

smanjil Manjil Shrestha
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German Medical BERT

This is a fine-tuned model on Medical domain for German language and based on German BERT. This model has only been trained to improve on target task (Masked Language Model). It can later be used to perform a downstream task of your needs, while I performed it for NTS-ICD-10 text classification task.


Language model: bert-base-german-cased

Language: German

Fine-tuning: Medical articles (diseases, symptoms, therapies, etc..)

Eval data: NTS-ICD-10 dataset (Classification)

Infrastructure: Gogle Colab


  • We fine-tuned using Pytorch with Huggingface library on Colab GPU.
  • With standard parameter settings for fine-tuning as mentioned in original BERT's paper.
  • Although had to train for upto 25 epochs for classification.

Performance (Micro precision, recall and f1 score for multilabel code classification)

Models P R F1
German BERT 86.04 75.82 80.60
German MedBERT-256 87.41 77.97 82.42
German MedBERT-512 87.75 78.26 82.73


Manjil Shrestha: shresthamanjil21 [at]

Get in touch: LinkedIn