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Intended uses & limitations

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Training Procedure

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Hyperparameter Value
steps [('scaler', StandardScaler()), ('model', IsolationForest(max_samples=100, random_state=0))]
verbose False
scaler StandardScaler()
model IsolationForest(max_samples=100, random_state=0)
scaler__copy True
scaler__with_mean True
scaler__with_std True
model__bootstrap False
model__contamination auto
model__max_features 1.0
model__max_samples 100
model__n_estimators 100
model__random_state 0
model__verbose 0
model__warm_start False

Model Plot

Pipeline(steps=[('scaler', StandardScaler()),('model', IsolationForest(max_samples=100, random_state=0))])
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Evaluation Results

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