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We propose a novel end-to-end speech recognition model, Nue ASR, which integrates pre-trained speech and language models.

The name Nue comes from the Japanese word (鵺/ぬえ/Nue), one of the Japanese legendary creatures (妖怪/ようかい/Yōkai).

This model provides end-to-end Japanese speech recognition with recognition accuracy comparable to the recent ASR models. You can recognize speech faster than real time by using a GPU.

Benchmark scores, including our models, can be found at https://rinnakk.github.io/research/benchmarks/asr/

How to use the model

We tested our code using Python 3.8.10 and 3.10.12 with PyTorch 2.1.1 and Transformers 4.35.2. This codebase is expected to be compatible with Python 3.8 or later and recent PyTorch versions. The version of Transformers should be 4.33.0 or higher.

First, install the code for inference of this model.

pip install git+https://github.com/rinnakk/nue-asr.git

Command-line interface and python interface are available.

Command-line usage

The following command transcribes the audio file using the command line interface. Audio files will be automatically downsampled to 16kHz.

nue-asr audio1.wav

You can specify multiple audio files.

nue-asr audio1.wav audio2.flac audio3.mp3

We can use DeepSpeed-Inference to accelerate the inference speed of GPT-NeoX module. If you use DeepSpeed-Inference, you need to install DeepSpeed.

pip install deepspeed

Then, you can use DeepSpeed-Inference as follows:

nue-asr --use-deepspeed audio1.wav

Run nue-asr --help for more information.

Python usage

The example of Python interface is as follows:

import nue_asr

model = nue_asr.load_model("rinna/nue-asr")
tokenizer = nue_asr.load_tokenizer("rinna/nue-asr")

result = nue_asr.transcribe(model, tokenizer, "path_to_audio.wav")

nue_asr.transcribe function can accept audio data as either a numpy.array or a torch.Tensor, in addition to audio file paths.

Acceleration of inference speed using DeepSpeed-Inference is also available within the Python interface.

import nue_asr

model = nue_asr.load_model("rinna/nue-asr", use_deepspeed=True)
tokenizer = nue_asr.load_tokenizer("rinna/nue-asr")

result = nue_asr.transcribe(model, tokenizer, "path_to_audio.wav")


The model uses the same sentencepiece-based tokenizer as japanese-gpt-neox-3.6b.

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