How to run model?

by rekeh - opened

hello I'm new to AI. I clone this repo but I can't run it. how to run this model, I try write this text
You are a helpful assistant for Python which outputs in Markdown format.<|im_end|>
... in command-line.
Sorry for this dumb question.

Hey @rekeh ,

There a few ways to run the model - one is within Python using the transformers library. You can click the "Use this model" button on the right hand side of the model page here on HuggingFace to get a starting point for this, together with links to some guides on how to get going. It does involve coding Python, however.

A quicker way is to use an existing desktop client on your machine - this is where projects such as Ollama excel, since they contain everything to run compressed (or quantized) versions of models easily. If you install Ollama, you should then be able to run the model by entering "rhysjones/phi-2-orange" as the model you wish to fetch and use. There are also many other models to try out in the same way - just watch for the size of the models depending on how powerful your machine is.

Hope that helps you continue your AI journey!

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