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The Phi-3-mini-mango-1-llamafied is an instruct finetune of Phi-3-mini-4k-instruct with 4K context and 3.8B parameters.

It is a first cut of finetuning Phi-3 (which is a great model!) to explore its properties and behaviour. More to follow.

This version of the model has had its weight layers converted to Llama format using @vonjack's vonjack/Phi-3-mini-4k-instruct-LLaMAfied conversion script, allowing it to run within a llama toolset ecosystem without change or trust_remote_code. It's also interesting to see how resilient the model still is after conversion.

The original Phi-3 format weights of this model are available at rhysjones/Phi-3-mini-mango-1.

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3.82B params
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