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Pretrained juridical BERT model for Romanian

BERT Romanian juridical model trained using a masked language modeling (MLM) and next sentence prediction (NSP) objective. It was introduced in this paper. Two BERT models were released: jurBERT-base and jurBERT-large, all versions uncased.

Model Weights L H A MLM accuracy NSP accuracy
jurBERT-base 111M 12 768 12 0.8936 0.9923
jurBERT-large 337M 24 1024 24 0.9005 0.9929

All models are available:

How to use

# tensorflow
from transformers import AutoModel, AutoTokenizer, TFAutoModel
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("readerbench/jurBERT-base")
model = TFAutoModel.from_pretrained("readerbench/jurBERT-base")
inputs = tokenizer("exemplu de propoziție", return_tensors="tf")
outputs = model(inputs)

# pytorch
from transformers import AutoModel, AutoTokenizer, AutoModel
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("readerbench/jurBERT-base")
model = AutoModel.from_pretrained("readerbench/jurBERT-base")
inputs = tokenizer("exemplu de propoziție", return_tensors="pt")
outputs = model(**inputs)


The model is trained on a private corpus (that can nevertheless be rented for a fee), that is comprised of all the final ruling, containing both civil and criminal cases, published by any Romanian civil court between 2010 and 2018. Validation is performed on two other datasets, RoBanking and BRDCases. We extracted from RoJur common types of cases pertinent to the banking domain (e.g. administration fee litigations, enforcement appeals), kept only the summary of the arguments provided by both the plaitiffs and the defendants and the final verdict (in the form of a boolean value) to build RoBanking. BRDCases represents a collection of cases in which BRD Groupe Société Générale Romania was directly involved.

Corpus Scope Entries Size (GB)
RoJur pre-training 11M 160
RoBanking downstream 108k -
BRDCases downstream 149 -

Downstream performance

We report Mean AUC and Std AUC on the task of predicting the outcome of a case.

Results on RoBanking using only the plea of the plaintiff.

Model Mean AUC Std AUC
CNN 79.60 -
BI-LSTM 80.99 0.26
RoBERT-small 70.54 0.28
RoBERT-base 79.74 0.21
RoBERT-base + hf 79.82 0.11
RoBERT-large 76.53 5.43
jurBERT-base 81.47 0.18
jurBERT-base + hf 81.40 0.18
jurBERT-large 78.38 1.77

Results on RoBanking using pleas from both the plaintiff and defendant.

Model Mean AUC Std AUC
BI-LSTM 84.60 0.59
RoBERT-base 84.40 0.26
RoBERT-base + hf 84.43 0.15
jurBERT-base 86.63 0.18
jurBERT-base + hf 86.73 0.22
jurBERT-large 82.04 0.64

Results on BRDCases

Model Mean AUC Std AUC
SVM with SK 57.72 2.15
RoBERT-base 53.24 1.76
RoBERT-base + hf 55.40 0.96
jurBERT-base 59.65 1.16
jurBERT-base + hf 61.46 1.76

For complete results and discussion please refer to the paper.

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