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posted an update Jan 15
Just published a quick community blog post mainly aimed at Art and Design students, but which is also an attempt to nudge AI researchers who would like to better consider benefits from collaboration with designers and artists 😉
Feel free to share your thoughts !

"Breaking Barriers: The Critical Role of Art and Design in Advancing AI Capabilities" 📄

This short publication follows the results of two AI Workshops that took place at École des Arts Décoratifs - Paris, lead by Etienne Mineur, Vadim Bernard, Martin de Bie, Antoine Pintout & Sylvain Filoni.

Nice read! and I'm really impressed by the quality of the students' projects 🤯.


Thanks for them @victor you should take a tour at the Open Days ;)

This is super cool. I'm going to try and make it for one of the open days.