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Asteroid model Samuele Cornell/FasNetTAC_TACDataset_separatenoisy

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This model was trained by popcornell using the TAC/TAC recipe in Asteroid. It was trained on the separate_noisy task of the TACDataset dataset.

Training config:

    dev_json: ./data/validation.json
    sample_rate: 16000
    segment: None
    test_json: ./data/test.json
    train_json: ./data/train.json
    chunk_size: 50
    context_ms: 16
    enc_dim: 64
    feature_dim: 64
    hidden_dim: 128
    hop_size: 25
    n_layers: 4
    n_src: 2
    window_ms: 4
    lr: 0.001
    weight_decay: 1e-06
    accumulate_batches: 1
    batch_size: 8
    early_stop: True
    epochs: 200
    gradient_clipping: 5
    half_lr: True
    num_workers: 8
    patience: 30
    save_top_k: 10


si_sdr: 10.871864315894744
si_sdr_imp: 11.322284052560262

License notice:

This work "FasNetTAC_TACDataset_separatenoisy" is a derivative of LibriSpeech ASR corpus by Vassil Panayotov, used under CC BY 4.0; of End-to-end Microphone Permutation and Number Invariant Multi-channel Speech Separation by Yi Luo, Zhuo Chen, Nima Mesgarani, Takuya Yoshioka, used under CC BY 4.0. "FasNetTAC_TACDataset_separatenoisy" is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported by popcornell.

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