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code LLMs, static analysis, software composition analysis, vulnerability remediation, application security

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A managed service that fixes, not finds, vulnerabilities in your code.

There are 39,000+ cyber-security vendors globally. And yet, the best we have when it comes to securing our application code are scanning tools, audit services, and penetration tests - all of which bombard us with more vulnerabilities than we can handle.

Fix, not find

At patched, we know how hard it is to stay secure - especially in light of an evolving threat landscape, changing regulations, and compliance requirements. There is a constant barrage of alerts and reports that you have to deal with. Now you can just send them to us, and we will deliver fully-vetted patches that fix your security issues for good.

Developer-less, not developer-first

With DevSecOps, the burden of security on developers has increased tremendously. We think developers should focus on what they do best - building software that delights users. This is why we built patched to be a fully managed service that requires zero developer involvement.

Speed up, not down

In cybersecurity, every second counts. Our service ensures rapid patch deployment without compromising accuracy or stability. No more trade-offs between development speed and security. With patched, you get both.

About Us

patched is built by a team of software security experts with over 40+ years of experience building security solutions used by Fortune 500 companies and defense agencies. Visit us at to know more.