Layer-Condensed KV Cache for Efficient Inference of Large Language Models

Published on May 17
ยท Submitted by akhaliq on May 20
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Huge memory consumption has been a major bottleneck for deploying high-throughput large language models in real-world applications. In addition to the large number of parameters, the key-value (KV) cache for the attention mechanism in the transformer architecture consumes a significant amount of memory, especially when the number of layers is large for deep language models. In this paper, we propose a novel method that only computes and caches the KVs of a small number of layers, thus significantly saving memory consumption and improving inference throughput. Our experiments on large language models show that our method achieves up to 26times higher throughput than standard transformers and competitive performance in language modeling and downstream tasks. In addition, our method is orthogonal to existing transformer memory-saving techniques, so it is straightforward to integrate them with our model, achieving further improvement in inference efficiency. Our code is available at


Revolutionizing Large Language Models with Layer-Condensed KV Cache

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