Transformer-Lite: High-efficiency Deployment of Large Language Models on Mobile Phone GPUs

Published on Mar 29
· Submitted by akhaliq on Apr 1
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The Large Language Model (LLM) is widely employed for tasks such as intelligent assistants, text summarization, translation, and multi-modality on mobile phones. However, the current methods for on-device LLM deployment maintain slow inference speed, which causes poor user experience. To facilitate high-efficiency LLM deployment on device GPUs, we propose four optimization techniques: (a) a symbolic expression-based approach to support dynamic shape model inference; (b) operator optimizations and execution priority setting to enhance inference speed and reduce phone lagging; (c) an FP4 quantization method termed M0E4 to reduce dequantization overhead; (d) a sub-tensor-based technique to eliminate the need for copying KV cache after LLM inference. Furthermore, we implement these methods in our mobile inference engine, Transformer-Lite, which is compatible with both Qualcomm and MTK processors. We evaluated Transformer-Lite's performance using LLMs with varied architectures and parameters ranging from 2B to 14B. Specifically, we achieved prefill and decoding speeds of 121 token/s and 14 token/s for ChatGLM2 6B, and 330 token/s and 30 token/s for smaller Gemma 2B, respectively. Compared with CPU-based FastLLM and GPU-based MLC-LLM, our engine attains over 10x speedup for the prefill speed and 2~3x speedup for the decoding speed.


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