λ-ECLIPSE: Multi-Concept Personalized Text-to-Image Diffusion Models by Leveraging CLIP Latent Space

Published on Feb 7
· Submitted by akhaliq on Feb 9


Despite the recent advances in personalized text-to-image (P-T2I) generative models, subject-driven T2I remains challenging. The primary bottlenecks include 1) Intensive training resource requirements, 2) Hyper-parameter sensitivity leading to inconsistent outputs, and 3) Balancing the intricacies of novel visual concept and composition alignment. We start by re-iterating the core philosophy of T2I diffusion models to address the above limitations. Predominantly, contemporary subject-driven T2I approaches hinge on Latent Diffusion Models (LDMs), which facilitate T2I mapping through cross-attention layers. While LDMs offer distinct advantages, P-T2I methods' reliance on the latent space of these diffusion models significantly escalates resource demands, leading to inconsistent results and necessitating numerous iterations for a single desired image. Recently, ECLIPSE has demonstrated a more resource-efficient pathway for training UnCLIP-based T2I models, circumventing the need for diffusion text-to-image priors. Building on this, we introduce lambda-ECLIPSE. Our method illustrates that effective P-T2I does not necessarily depend on the latent space of diffusion models. lambda-ECLIPSE achieves single, multi-subject, and edge-guided T2I personalization with just 34M parameters and is trained on a mere 74 GPU hours using 1.6M image-text interleaved data. Through extensive experiments, we also establish that lambda-ECLIPSE surpasses existing baselines in composition alignment while preserving concept alignment performance, even with significantly lower resource utilization.


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