StyleInject: Parameter Efficient Tuning of Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

Published on Jan 25


The ability to fine-tune generative models for text-to-image generation tasks is crucial, particularly facing the complexity involved in accurately interpreting and visualizing textual inputs. While LoRA is efficient for language model adaptation, it often falls short in text-to-image tasks due to the intricate demands of image generation, such as accommodating a broad spectrum of styles and nuances. To bridge this gap, we introduce StyleInject, a specialized fine-tuning approach tailored for text-to-image models. StyleInject comprises multiple parallel low-rank parameter matrices, maintaining the diversity of visual features. It dynamically adapts to varying styles by adjusting the variance of visual features based on the characteristics of the input signal. This approach significantly minimizes the impact on the original model's text-image alignment capabilities while adeptly adapting to various styles in transfer learning. StyleInject proves particularly effective in learning from and enhancing a range of advanced, community-fine-tuned generative models. Our comprehensive experiments, including both small-sample and large-scale data fine-tuning as well as base model distillation, show that StyleInject surpasses traditional LoRA in both text-image semantic consistency and human preference evaluation, all while ensuring greater parameter efficiency.


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