Taiyi-Diffusion-XL: Advancing Bilingual Text-to-Image Generation with Large Vision-Language Model Support

Published on Jan 26
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jan 29


Recent advancements in text-to-image models have significantly enhanced image generation capabilities, yet a notable gap of open-source models persists in bilingual or Chinese language support. To address this need, we present Taiyi-Diffusion-XL, a new Chinese and English bilingual text-to-image model which is developed by extending the capabilities of CLIP and Stable-Diffusion-XL through a process of bilingual continuous pre-training. This approach includes the efficient expansion of vocabulary by integrating the most frequently used Chinese characters into CLIP's tokenizer and embedding layers, coupled with an absolute position encoding expansion. Additionally, we enrich text prompts by large vision-language model, leading to better images captions and possess higher visual quality. These enhancements are subsequently applied to downstream text-to-image models. Our empirical results indicate that the developed CLIP model excels in bilingual image-text retrieval.Furthermore, the bilingual image generation capabilities of Taiyi-Diffusion-XL surpass previous models. This research leads to the development and open-sourcing of the Taiyi-Diffusion-XL model, representing a notable advancement in the field of image generation, particularly for Chinese language applications. This contribution is a step forward in addressing the need for more diverse language support in multimodal research. The model and demonstration are made publicly available at{this https URL}, fostering further research and collaboration in this domain.


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