ControlMat: A Controlled Generative Approach to Material Capture

Published on Sep 4
· Featured in Daily Papers on Sep 6


Material reconstruction from a photograph is a key component of 3D content creation democratization. We propose to formulate this ill-posed problem as a controlled synthesis one, leveraging the recent progress in generative deep networks. We present ControlMat, a method which, given a single photograph with uncontrolled illumination as input, conditions a diffusion model to generate plausible, tileable, high-resolution physically-based digital materials. We carefully analyze the behavior of diffusion models for multi-channel outputs, adapt the sampling process to fuse multi-scale information and introduce rolled diffusion to enable both tileability and patched diffusion for high-resolution outputs. Our generative approach further permits exploration of a variety of materials which could correspond to the input image, mitigating the unknown lighting conditions. We show that our approach outperforms recent inference and latent-space-optimization methods, and carefully validate our diffusion process design choices. Supplemental materials and additional details are available at:

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