ModelScope Text-to-Video Technical Report

Published on Aug 12, 2023


This paper introduces ModelScopeT2V, a text-to-video synthesis model that evolves from a text-to-image synthesis model (i.e., Stable Diffusion). ModelScopeT2V incorporates spatio-temporal blocks to ensure consistent frame generation and smooth movement transitions. The model could adapt to varying frame numbers during training and inference, rendering it suitable for both image-text and video-text datasets. ModelScopeT2V brings together three components (i.e., VQGAN, a text encoder, and a denoising UNet), totally comprising 1.7 billion parameters, in which 0.5 billion parameters are dedicated to temporal capabilities. The model demonstrates superior performance over state-of-the-art methods across three evaluation metrics. The code and an online demo are available at


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