A Technical Report for Polyglot-Ko: Open-Source Large-Scale Korean Language Models

Published on Jun 4, 2023
· Featured in Daily Papers on Jun 6, 2023


Polyglot is a pioneering project aimed at enhancing the non-English language performance of multilingual language models. Despite the availability of various multilingual models such as mBERT (Devlin et al., 2019), XGLM (Lin et al., 2022), and BLOOM (Scao et al., 2022), researchers and developers often resort to building monolingual models in their respective languages due to the dissatisfaction with the current multilingual models non-English language capabilities. Addressing this gap, we seek to develop advanced multilingual language models that offer improved performance in non-English languages. In this paper, we introduce the Polyglot Korean models, which represent a specific focus rather than being multilingual in nature. In collaboration with TUNiB, our team collected 1.2TB of Korean data meticulously curated for our research journey. We made a deliberate decision to prioritize the development of Korean models before venturing into multilingual models. This choice was motivated by multiple factors: firstly, the Korean models facilitated performance comparisons with existing multilingual models; and finally, they catered to the specific needs of Korean companies and researchers. This paper presents our work in developing the Polyglot Korean models, which propose some steps towards addressing the non-English language performance gap in multilingual language models.


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