MindBigData 2023 MNIST-8B The 8 billion datapoints Multimodal Dataset of Brain Signals

Published on Jun 1, 2023


MindBigData 2023 MNIST-8B is the largest, to date (June 1st 2023), brain signals open dataset created for Machine Learning, based on EEG signals from a single subject captured using a custom 128 channels device, replicating the full 70,000 digits from Yaan LeCun et all MNIST dataset. The brain signals were captured while the subject was watching the pixels of the original digits one by one on a screen and listening at the same time to the spoken number 0 to 9 from the real label. The data, collection procedures, hardware and software created are described in detail, background extra information and other related datasets can be found at our previous paper MindBigData 2022: A Large Dataset of Brain Signals.


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