question answering using llama

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Can someone tell me how to run question answering model using LLama? I'm trying to build QuestionAnswering model , when I run its not giving correct answer even though passing context along it.

from langchain import PromptTemplate, HugginFacePipeline, LLMChain
from transformers import pipeline
import torch
template  = """Read this article and answer the below question {context}\n {question} \n if you don;t know the answer please say "I don't know" don't make up on your own."""
prompt = PromptTemplate(template=template, input_variables=["context", "question"])
model_name = "openlm-research/llama-7b-hf"
hf_pipe = HugginFacePipeline(pipeline=pipeline(model=model_name, device='cuda:0', torch_dtype=torch.float16, max_new_tokens=512))
llm_chain = LLMChain(prompt=prompt, llm=hf_pipe)

result =, question=user_question)

I'm using the above script but it is not giving correct answer even though answer present in the context, can someone help me here?

You're trying this with an untrained model, which is effectively a fancy auto-complete. The answer being present in the context doesn't matter if it doesn't know (e.g. its attention mechanism hasn't been trained) to look for it there!
Try fine-tuning the model first:

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