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PixelPortraits192 XL v1.0

A character with intricate brass goggles perched on their forehead, wearing a Victorian-era jacket adorned with gears and copper wires. They have a mechanical arm made of polished brass and intricate clockwork, holding a glowing, etheric device.
An elf with long, silver hair flowing down their back, pointed ears peeking through. They wear a green cloak over leather armor, a quiver of arrows slung over their shoulder, and a longbow in hand. Their eyes gleam with an ethereal light, suggesting a deep connection to nature. <lora:pixelportraits192-v1-2151:0.75>
a cute corgi
a man with a rugged appearance, with a scar running down over one eye. They wear a red coat over a black space suit, a laser pistol holstered at their side, and a cybernetic eye gleaming with data streams. Their stance exudes confidence and defiance.
This merperson has shimmering scales covering their tail, which gradients from deep blue to aquamarine. They wield a trident made of coral and pearl, and their hair floats around their head like seaweed. Their arms are adorned with shell armor, and their eyes reflect the ocean's depths.


  • Use it at 1536x1536 or similar
  • Best results at 0.75
  • Works great with long and detailed prompts
  • No trigger token required
  • Works even better with upscaling/high-res fix

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