Librarian Bot: Add base_model information to model


This pull request aims to enrich the metadata of your model by adding facebook/convnext-tiny-224 as a base_model field, situated in the YAML block of your model's

How did we find this information? We performed a regular expression match on your file to determine the connection.

Why add this? Enhancing your model's metadata in this way:

  • Boosts Discoverability - It becomes straightforward to trace the relationships between various models on the Hugging Face Hub.
  • Highlights Impact - It showcases the contributions and influences different models have within the community.

For a hands-on example of how such metadata can play a pivotal role in mapping model connections, take a look at librarian-bots/base_model_explorer.

This PR comes courtesy of Librarian Bot. If you have any feedback, queries, or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to @davanstrien. Your input is invaluable to us!

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