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We finetuned Facebook/OPT-1.3B on Code-Alpaca-Instruct Dataset (sahil2801/CodeAlpaca-20k) for 5 epochs using MonsterAPI no-code LLM finetuner.

This dataset is HuggingFaceH4/CodeAlpaca_20K unfiltered, removing 36 instances of blatant alignment.

The finetuning session got completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes and costed us only $6 for the entire finetuning run!

Hyperparameters & Run details:

  • Model Path: facebook/opt-1.3b
  • Dataset: sahil2801/CodeAlpaca-20k
  • Learning rate: 0.0003
  • Number of epochs: 5
  • Data split: Training: 90% / Validation: 10%
  • Gradient accumulation steps: 1

license: apache-2.0

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