This is a test to remove memorized private information, such as phone numbers, from a small GPT-2 model. This should not generate valid phone numbers.

Inspired by BAIR privacy research:

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  • All +## and +### tokens were replaced with new, randomly-selected 2- and 3-digit numbers in the vocab.json and tokenizer.json. You can identify these in outputs because the new tokens start with ^^.
  • Input and output embeddings for +## and +### tokens were moved to the +00 and +000 embeddings.
  • Removed associations between numbers from merges.txt

Using a library such as ecco, probabilities for next number token look equally likely, with +000 preferred.


Future goals

  • Add new +### tokens to rebuild number generation
  • Fine-tune new tokens on counting numbers and ended phone numbers
  • Use gpt2-large

BibTeX entry and citation info

Original GPT-2:

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