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Model description:

This model was created with the purpose to generate possible queries for a german input article.

For this model, we finetuned a multilingual T5 model mt5-small on the MMARCO dataset the machine translated version of the MS MARCO dataset.

The model was trained for 1 epoch, on 200,000 unique queries of the dataset. We trained the model on one K80 GPU for 25,000 iterations with following parameters:

  • learning rate: 1e-3
  • train batch size: 8
  • max input sequence length: 512
  • max target sequence length: 64

Model Performance:

Model evaluation was done on 2000 evaluation paragraphs of the dataset. Mean f1 ROUGE scores were calculated for the model.

Rouge-1 Rouge-2 Rouge-L
0.162 0.052 0.161
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