Are these files exactly the same as those in the `mistral-community` repo?

by jukofyork - opened

Can somebody check the files in this repo are exactly the same as the ones from the mistral-community repo:

yeah just check the hash its the same

yeah just check the hash its the same

Yeah, I saw the files all looked the same size but there are a couple of the JSON file that are not the same though?

special_tokens_map.json only in mistral-community version:

  "bos_token": "<s>",
  "eos_token": "</s>",
  "unk_token": "<unk>"

Not sure if any more.

It would be nice if we could have a diff of the whole repo to be sure of updating the mistral-community version to official mistralai.

just checked the configs, it should be the same

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