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Orca 2 7B - DeepSparse

This repo contains model files for Microsoft's Orca 2 7B optimized for DeepSparse, a CPU inference runtime for sparse models.

This model was quantized and pruned with SparseGPT, using SparseML.


Install DeepSparse LLM for fast inference on CPUs:

pip install deepsparse-nightly[llm]

Run in a Python pipeline:

from deepsparse import TextGeneration
system_message = ""
prompt = "Who inspires you the most?"
formatted_prompt = f"<|im_start|>system\n{system_message}<|im_end|>\n<|im_start|>user\n{prompt}<|im_end|>\n<|im_start|>assistant"
model = TextGeneration(model="hf:mgoin/Orca-2-13b-pruned50-quant-ds")
print(model(formatted_prompt, max_new_tokens=100).generations[0].text)
That's a difficult question as there are many people who inspire me. However, one person who inspires me the most is my mother. She has shown me the importance of hard work, resilience, and perseverance. She has shown me how to overcome obstacles and how to be a strong and independent woman.

Prompt template: ChatML



For details on how this model was sparsified, see the recipe.yaml in this repo and follow the instructions below.

git clone https://github.com/neuralmagic/sparseml
pip install -e "sparseml[transformers]"
python sparseml/src/sparseml/transformers/sparsification/obcq/obcq.py microsoft/Orca-2-13b open_platypus --recipe recipe.yaml --save True
python sparseml/src/sparseml/transformers/sparsification/obcq/export.py --task text-generation --model_path obcq_deployment
cp deployment/model.onnx deployment/model-orig.onnx

Run this kv-cache injection afterwards:

import os
import onnx
from sparseml.exporters.kv_cache_injector import KeyValueCacheInjector
input_file = "deployment/model-orig.onnx"
output_file = "deployment/model.onnx"
model = onnx.load(input_file, load_external_data=False)
model = KeyValueCacheInjector(model_path=os.path.dirname(input_file)).apply(model)
onnx.save(model, output_file)
print(f"Modified model saved to: {output_file}")


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