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This is an abstractive title answering (TA) / clickbait spoiling model.
This is a variant of allenai/unifiedqa-t5-large, fine-tuned on the Reddit SYAC dataset.
The model was trained as part of my masters thesis:

Abstractive title answering for clickbait content


This model has the proven capability of generating, and hallucinating false information.
Any use of a TA system such as this one should be with knowledge of this risk.



The following scores is the result of intrinsic evaluation on the Reddit SYAC test set.
We used a max input length of 2048 and truncated the tokens exceeding this limit.

rouge1 rouge2 rougeL bleu meteor
44.58 23.89 43.45 17.46 36.22


Using human evaluation, we measured model performance by asking the evaluators to rate the models on a scale from 1 to 5 on how good their generated answer was for a given clickbait article.

Mean quality = 4.065


We included a factuality assessment to address the issue of generating false information.
Human raters were asked to place each output in the categories "True", "Irrelevant", and "False".

True Irrelevant False
85% 7.5% 7.5%


If you use this model, please cite my master's thesis

  title={Abstractive title answering for clickbait content},
  author={Markus Sverdvik Heiervang},
  publisher={University of Oslo, Department of Informatics},
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