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WizardLM-Uncensored-Falcon-40b - GGUF

K-Quants in Falcon 7b models

New releases of Llama.cpp now support K-quantization for previously incompatible models, in particular all Falcon 7B models (While Falcon 40b is and always has been fully compatible with K-Quantisation). This is achieved by employing a fallback solution for model layers that cannot be quantized with real K-quants.

For Falcon 7B models, although only a quarter of the layers can be quantized with true K-quants, this approach still benefits from utilizing different legacy quantization types Q4_0, Q4_1, Q5_0, and Q5_1. As a result, it offers better quality at the same file size or smaller file sizes with comparable performance.

So this solution ensures improved performance and efficiency over legacy Q4_0, Q4_1, Q5_0 and Q5_1 Quantizations.

About GGUF format

gguf is the current file format used by the ggml library. A growing list of Software is using it and can therefore use this model. The core project making use of the ggml library is the llama.cpp project by Georgi Gerganov

Quantization variants

There is a bunch of quantized files available to cater to your specific needs. Here's how to choose the best option for you:

Legacy quants

Q4_0, Q4_1, Q5_0, Q5_1 and Q8 are legacy quantization types. Nevertheless, they are fully supported, as there are several circumstances that cause certain model not to be compatible with the modern K-quants.


Now there's a new option to use K-quants even for previously 'incompatible' models, although this involves some fallback solution that makes them not real K-quants. More details can be found in affected model descriptions. (This mainly refers to Falcon 7b and Starcoder models)


K-quants are designed with the idea that different levels of quantization in specific parts of the model can optimize performance, file size, and memory load. So, if possible, use K-quants. With a Q6_K, you'll likely find it challenging to discern a quality difference from the original model - ask your model two times the same question and you may encounter bigger quality differences.

Original Model Card:

This is WizardLM trained on top of tiiuae/falcon-40b, with a subset of the dataset - responses that contained alignment / moralizing were removed. The intent is to train a WizardLM that doesn't have alignment built-in, so that alignment (of any sort) can be added separately with for example with a RLHF LoRA.

Shout out to the open source AI/ML community, and everyone who helped me out.

Note: An uncensored model has no guardrails. You are responsible for anything you do with the model, just as you are responsible for anything you do with any dangerous object such as a knife, gun, lighter, or car. Publishing anything this model generates is the same as publishing it yourself. You are responsible for the content you publish, and you cannot blame the model any more than you can blame the knife, gun, lighter, or car for what you do with it.

Prompt format is WizardLM.

What is a falcon?  Can I keep one as a pet?
### Response:

Thank you chirper.ai for sponsoring some of my compute!

End of original Model File

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