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A Doc2Query model based on t5-base and trained on MS MARCO. This is a version of the checkpoint released by the original authors, converted to pytorch format and ready for use in pyterrier_doc2query.

Creating a transformer:

import pyterrier as pt
from pyterrier_doc2query import Doc2Query
doc2query = Doc2Query('macavaney/doc2query-t5-base-msmarco')

Transforming documents

import pandas as pd
  {'docno': '0', 'text': 'Hello Terrier!'},
  {'docno': '1', 'text': 'Doc2Query expands queries with potentially relevant queries.'},
# docno                                               text                                           querygen
#    0                                     Hello Terrier!  hello terrier what kind of dog is a terrier wh...
#    1  Doc2Query expands queries with potentially rel...  can dodoc2query extend query query? what is do...

Indexing transformed documents

doc2query.append = True # append querygen to text
indexer = pt.IterDictIndexer('./my_index', fields=['text'])
pipeline = doc2query >> indexer
  {'docno': '0', 'text': 'Hello Terrier!'},
  {'docno': '1', 'text': 'Doc2Query expands queries with potentially relevant queries.'},

Expanding and indexing a dataset

dataset = pt.get_dataset('irds:vaswani')


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