Not compatible with AutoTrain

by DevBerge - opened

Trying to use the model with the HF autotrainer but the training is being stopped. ltg/norbert2 works but not the new version.

Language Technology Group (University of Oslo) org

Hi, our new models use a custom architecture, which is probably why it's not working. Can you give us more information about this error? Maybe there's a way to fix it :)

Hi, is it possible to use Norbert3-base to do text categorisation? if yes, could you give me an example how to use it? thanks.

Language Technology Group (University of Oslo) org

Hi, you will probably have to import NorBERT as AutoModelForSequenceClassification and finetune it on your dataset.

Sorry for not responding but AutoTrain doesn't exactly yield an informative error. I haven't tested it in months so it may have changed. However, last time it looked like it could load the model properly.

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