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L.O.F.I: Limitless Originality Free from Interference

an evil demonic woman, white hair, blue eyes, short messy hair, arrogant mood, analog photo
half body, walking pose, shot from front, slow motion, female paladin wearing the full body, (light silver armour:1.2),(ornately decorated armor), (insanely detailed, bloom:1.2), (analog:1.2), (high sharpness), (detailed pupils:1.1), detailed face and eyes, (long blonde Hair, ponytail,ecstatic:1.1), (young woman:1.1), sharp, real shadow, (temple background:1.2), arms crossed over the chest , looking at viewer, photographed by Canan EOS R6, 135mm, 1/1250s, f/2.8, ISO 400
best quality, mecha glass room, highrise, transparent, mecha interior, city background, realistic photography, fine details, 8k,
best quality, pool room

Model description

πŸš€ LOFI V5 - Final

This is the last version in the LOFI series of models. There likely won't be any more updates to the LOFI model in the future (unless an SD3.0 is released, in which case, a LOFI version for 3.0 might be trained).

Version 5 is quite special, as it even produces an effect somewhat similar to using "LCM". You must use a very low CFG to utilize it. This model can also be effectively combined with LCM or HyperSD for enhanced performance.

Additionally, this model is extremely sensitive to "prompt word attention". From my tests, no prompt word weight should exceed 1.2, and oftentimes, removing all prompt weight leads to better results, indicating that the model has a precise understanding of the importance and relevance of prompts.


πŸ› οΈ Recommended settings:

Sampler: DPM++ (series) / Restart

Steps: 15-55 (35 recommended)

CFG: 2-5 (4 recommended)

The lower the CFG, the more creative the generated image may be.


πŸ“Έ nobody issue:

This model has a strong preference for a photographic "subject". It could prove difficult to generate images lacking a definite subject. If you do wish to generate landscape pictures with this model, the use of controlnet-depth is recommended to manage the output.


πŸ’‘ PS: In fact, this model was completed quite some time ago, but I believed that the 1.5 model community might not remain active following the release of SDXL, so I held back the release. It now appears that the 1.5 model is still very much in use, often employed as a refiner for SDXL by many, including myself.

πŸ’‘PPS: In order to show the true ability of the model, all showcases try not to use lora and post-processing. If reasonable lora and post-processing are used, better results should be achieved.


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