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It remain factual and reliable even in dramatic situations.

Model Card for kevin009/llamaRAGdrama

Model Details

  • Model Name: kevin009/llamaRAGdrama
  • Model Type: Fine-tuned for Q&A, RAG.
  • Fine-tuning Objective: Synthesis text content in Q&A, RAG scenarios.

Intended Use

  • Applications: RAG, Q&A

Training Data

  • Sources: Includes a diverse dataset of dramatic texts, enriched with factual databases and reliable sources to train the model on generating content that remains true to real-world facts.
  • Preprocessing: In addition to removing non-content text, data was annotated to distinguish between purely creative elements and those that require factual accuracy, ensuring a balanced training approach.

How to Use

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM

tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("kevin009/llamaRAGdrama")
model = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained("kevin009/llamaRAGdrama")

input_text = "Enter your prompt here"
input_tokens = tokenizer.encode(input_text, return_tensors='pt')
output_tokens = model.generate(input_tokens, max_length=100, num_return_sequences=1, temperature=0.9)
generated_text = tokenizer.decode(output_tokens[0], skip_special_tokens=True)


Replace "Enter your prompt here" with your starting text. Adjust temperature for creativity level.

Limitations and Biases

  • Content Limitation: While designed to be truthful, It may not be considered safe.
  • Biases: It may remain biases and inaccurate.

Licensing and Attribution

  • License: Apache-2.0
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