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Model description

This is a Keras Dreambooth model fine-tuned to images of galaxy mergers taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. In particular, I selected mergers at intermediate stages (3-4 here), where the two bodies of the merging galaxies are still recognizeable and/or a bridge of material connecting the two galaxies is clearly visible. Credit for the training images goes to ESA/Hubble: images can be found on their website selecting the category of interacting galaxies.

Sample Outputs

A few ouput samples of the Dreambooth model below.

prompt: image of sks galaxies merging in space

prompt: painting of sks galaxies merging in van gogh style, 8k, high quality, trending on artstation

Cosmic Hugs: an artistic rendition of galaxy collisions

Intended uses & limitations

This model has similar intended uses & limitations as any Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth models (see e.g. this model). In particular, this model should be used with a prompt containing sks galaxies merging.

Training and evaluation data

More information needed

Training procedure

Training hyperparameters

The following hyperparameters were used during training:

Hyperparameters Value
inner_optimizer.class_name Custom>RMSprop
inner_optimizer.config.name RMSprop
inner_optimizer.config.weight_decay None
inner_optimizer.config.clipnorm None
inner_optimizer.config.global_clipnorm None
inner_optimizer.config.clipvalue None
inner_optimizer.config.use_ema False
inner_optimizer.config.ema_momentum 0.99
inner_optimizer.config.ema_overwrite_frequency 100
inner_optimizer.config.jit_compile True
inner_optimizer.config.is_legacy_optimizer False
inner_optimizer.config.learning_rate 0.0010000000474974513
inner_optimizer.config.rho 0.9
inner_optimizer.config.momentum 0.0
inner_optimizer.config.epsilon 1e-07
inner_optimizer.config.centered False
dynamic True
initial_scale 32768.0
dynamic_growth_steps 2000
training_precision mixed_float16
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