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a repository to catalogue jsonify datasets which optimize a model for structured outputs for use with function calling, reward modeling, and efficiency.

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    "id": 0.5,
    "title": "Jsonifize",
    "description": "An in development research effort to continue a pretraining on a small but intelligent base model on formatted json objects such that the model generalizes to the schemas, and not only internally produces only properly formatted structured data, but can then be used for function calling, classification, labeling, as a reward model, with an ultimate goal of solving prompt engineering such that the user is always interacting with a model that performs at the peak of its capability in each response without having to worry about prompt formatting, further effort to additionally streamline, standardize, and simplify sampling and prompt formatting issues in general so that the end user can be able to use their local models without worrying about it, and recieve the best experience in exchange.",
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