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Tensorflow XLM-RoBERTa

In this repository you will find different versions of the XLM-RoBERTa model for Tensorflow.


XLM-RoBERTa is a scaled cross lingual sentence encoder. It is trained on 2.5T of data across 100 languages data filtered from Common Crawl. XLM-R achieves state-of-the-arts results on multiple cross lingual benchmarks.

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Model Downloads
jplu/tf-xlm-roberta-base config.jsontf_model.h5
jplu/tf-xlm-roberta-large config.jsontf_model.h5


With Transformers >= 2.4 the Tensorflow models of XLM-RoBERTa can be loaded like:

from transformers import TFXLMRobertaModel

model = TFXLMRobertaModel.from_pretrained("jplu/tf-xlm-roberta-base")


model = TFXLMRobertaModel.from_pretrained("jplu/tf-xlm-roberta-large")

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All models are available on the Huggingface model hub.


Thanks to all the Huggingface team for the support and their amazing library!

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